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Software & Features

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What IDEs are supported?

TWIZZAR currently supports Visual Studio 2022. Support for other IDEs such as JetBrains Rider is planned for the future.

Does TWIZZAR support other .NET programming languages?

Currently, TWIZZAR is only available for C#. However, other .NETprogramming languages such as F# may follow.

Can automatically generated dependencies be manually configured?

Yes, all generated values and dependencies can be manually configured by using its intuitive UI and innovative API.

Is TWIZZAR a Mocking Framework?

TWIZZAR is much more than just a Mocking Framework. If you want to know more about TWIZZAR, please have a closer look at all its features.

Can I generate complete Unit Tests by using TWIZZAR?

Yes, you can generate complete Unit Tests by using TWIZZAR. Currently TWIZZAR supports you mostly in the arrange section of the unit test. However, we are continuously working on TWIZZAR, so more features may follow.

Can I use TWIZZAR alongside other Mocking Frameworks?

Yes, you can use TWIZZAR alongside other Mocking Frameworks without any problems. TWIZZAR uses the Mocking Framework Moq for various use cases, so you may have to check for version conflicts. In the future, we even plan to allow the integration of your favorite Mocking Framework.

Purchase & Installation

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How much does TWIZZAR cost?

The basic plan offers a limited amount of unit tests and can be used for free. If you want to create an infinite number of unit tests or use our support services, you can purchase a paid plan. See pricing for more information.

Is TWIZZAR being continuously updated?

Yes, TWIZZAR is being continuously updated. By using TWIZZAR, you’ll always have access to the latest version.

Do I need a separate license for my build infrastructure?

No, you do not need a separate license for your build infrastructure or servers.

Can TWIZZAR generated code continue to build after a paid plan has expired?

Yes, you will still be able to compile your code.

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