Creating tests was never this easy

TWIZZAR is a toolkit for Visual Studio that helps C# developers to ease the development experience of writing highly maintainable tests.

More about TWIZZAR

Twizzar is a toolkit for Visual Studio that allows you to write unit and integration tests in C# faster and easier. Twizzar automatically generates dependencies and let you configure them via a simple API. It also creates unit test projects and classes based on customizable templates. Twizzar allows you to seamlessly switch between tests and code by using keyboard shortcuts or the menu. Twizzar is constantly evolving and adding new features to make testing fun and easy.

Saves time

when working with complex test setups

Easy to use

thanks to its intuitive UI and lean API

Enhances efficieny

of developing maintainable tests


integrated into 
Visual Studio

Automatic detection

and generation of dependencies



Create a TEST with Twizzar

TWIZZAR can create your tests automatically all in one go.
Create a Unit Test
TWIZZAR creates the test project for you if its not exists
TWIZZAR create a test file for you if its not exits
TWIZZAR create a test class and method for you
TWIZZAR adds the arrange, act and assert block for you
After the creation, TWIZZAR give you the ability to navigate between the code and the unit test
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This process is fully customizable.

Customizing test automation to fit different frameworks, coding standards, and project structures is essential for proving the best experience. With the help of TWIZZAR, you can easily customize your test automation to meet your specific needs.

Test components generation

TWIZZAR provide a config file to customize the naming and structure of the test components, such as the project, the file, the class, the namespace and the method.

Test code generation

TWIZZAR generate the unit tests base on a template which is fully customizable to your needs.

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Arrange the test

Use the TWIZZAR UI to comfortably setup dependencies. It is also possible to setup dependencies using code. The use of the fluent and intuitive TWIZZAR API, enhances the readability and maintainability of the tests.

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Arrange without TWIZZAR

Arrange with TWIZZAR

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Assert the test

An important part of asserting your test is verifying, that a method on a service is called with some given arguments. TWIZZAR simplifies this process by providing you with a simple API to verify services setup by TWIZZAR.

There are three steps for the verification:

  1. Select member to verify
  2. [Optional] Define condition on parameters
  3. Define the call count to verify
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TWIZZAR works with every testing framework

TWIZZAR supports various testing frameworks and tools like NUnit, xUnit, MSTest, ReSharper and NCrunch.

TWIZZAR is evolving

TWIZZAR is still improving and we are working on new exciting features.

Our core Principles

We aim to deliver clear and comprehensible error messages.
Our framework is designed to fail early, detect many errors at compile time.
We strive to offer neat and elegant syntax.
We handle the tedious work so the user can concentrate on the essential parts, but still give him all the options.