...more than a mocking framework

TWIZZAR is a toolkit for Visual Studio that helps C# developers to ease the development experience of writing highly maintainable tests.


TWIZZAR is much more than just another mocking framework. It is a testing toolkit for .NET (C#) that helps you write high quality tests. TWIZZAR can automatically detect and generate dependencies of a class or interface. Thanks to its lean API and intuitive UI, which is seamlessly integrated in Visual Studio, it is easy to use and will speed up your work progress even in complex test setups. TWIZZAR will help you write clear and maintainable tests, such as unit tests or integration tests.

Automatically detects and resolves dependencies of a class or interface

TWIZZAR automatically detects dependencies and can pull up classes, structs and interfaces. Instead of writing tests in the traditional way, TWIZZAR resolves dependencies automatically. However, if desired, they can be configured manually.

Intuitive UI for dependency configuration

If needed, dependencies can be easily configured via a user-friendly UI or a provided API.

Access to non-public members

Easily access and modify all members of a class in your project, regardless of their access modifier.

Cleaner automated testing thanks to lean arrange sections

Write clear and maintainable unit tests by automatically outsourcing the generation of the SUT and DOCs to a builder.

Works with every testing framework

TWIZZAR runs on all popular testing frameworks such as NUnit, xUnit, MSTest or ReSharper test runner. Simultaneous use of other testing power tools such as NCrunch also works smoothly.

Reusable test configurations

Save time by reusing your own test configurations.

How much does it cost?

Find a TWIZZAR subscription that meets your needs or get started with the free version